Volunteers are invited to the complimentary barbeque on Friday, June 14 at 6:00 p.m.

Flying In

We welcome pilots as well as their friends and family. Our traditional great weather, ample parking, display planes, great food, and friendly people are waiting for you.


Make plans to attend the complimentary barbeque for local and visiting pilots and volunteers on Friday, June 14 at 6:00 p.m.


Do you have a unique plane? Would you like to display it? Contact us and we’ll find a good parking spot for you.


100LL fuel is available either as self-serve or by truck. Jet fuel is also available by truck.


Free on-field camping and restrooms are available. Ground transportation is available to local events and hotels.


The following information is provided as a courtesy to pilots, who are reminded that all operations are at the pilot’s own risk and discretion.

Pilots operating to, from, and in the vicinity of the Richland Airport (RLD) during this period should follow standard recommended practices for operations at non-towered airports. Information pertaining to such operations can be found in many FAA publications, including:

◦ AC 90-66A, Recommended Standard Traffic Patterns And Practices For Aeronautical Operations At Airports Without Operating Control Towers

◦ AC 90-42, Traffic Advisory Practices at Airports Without Operating Control Towers

◦ AC 90-48, Pilot’s Role In Collision Avoidance

◦ Chart Supplement US (formally known as Airport /Facility Directory (AFD)

◦ Airman’s Information Manual (AIM)


Unicom/CTAF at RLD is 122.7, and the AFD designates right traffic for runway 19 and 26 (standard left traffic is used for runways 01 and 08). Please check NOTAMS.


Pilot Registration link: www.flightsquid.com/event/3429